Mini-Mittwoch ~ Mini-Wednesday

Hello there, A friend of mine, Alli from allisbuechergefluester, is part of a group of girls who started a poject called "Mini-Mittwoch", what translates roughly to "Mini-Wednesday". On her initial post, she describes that idea. Also, the first article is already online. I will follow the invitation and put my oar in. Reading - Hobby No. 1? I [...]

Vegan Update 2

Hellooooooo 😀 So my first vegan week is over and three cans of plant-based "milk" are empty.  I ate nearly no sweets, besides a bit of pie and some cookies, what is way less than I used to. The result? I've already lost 1.5kg  Otherwise I did neither starve nor crave for any 'forbidden' food. [...]