Game of Thrones S7/E1

Mere perfection, from the first to the last second. Getting up at 3am was absolutely worth it. Every single second.... This is going to be a bit spoilerly, so you might not want to read that right now. Arya taking a face again, Jon ruling, Cersei seeking for allies, Sam looking for knowledge... A hand [...]

Quick update

Wow, already my 4th week.... Time goes by so fast! And much has happened in these days... I hiked up a river, visited a beach party and went scuba diving for the first time in my life! Later today I will put somepics in that post and upgrade it 

Nova Rock

Woah, my first ever festival! The Nova Rock Festival is - as the name suggests - a rock festival and oh my god, I really rocked out (with my socks out. Sorry for that reference haha, had my socks on most of the time). The three of us were sober all the time and we [...]

All The Bright Places – Review

That book really deserves the Guardian's description as the next TFIOS. It hit me so hard, and inspired me to write more. I want to put all these thoughts out there, write and type. All The Bright Places is tragic, it is emotional, it is lovely. But even more, it is a story that could [...]