All Time Low Munich

Music – something that plays a huge role in my life. I can’t imagine that only about 7 years ago, I didn’t give much about it….

Now, concerts are my ‘safe place’, a place where I can just forget everything that bothers me and feel like I can cope with everything.

Another amazing part is, that it brings people together – for the ATL concert last week I met up with Alli (find her report about the show and some amazing book reviews here). First of all, we met up with some others and got some Starbucks at the Munich main train station – yummy. Afterwards some food (or at least I did… I was damn hungry).

We also met some new and old friends and had an amazing day whilst waiting for the doors to open. We ordered pizza for all of us, listened to good music and had so much fun. About an hour before the doors would open, some newly arrived people started to build a queue – much to the disapproval of us, who had been waiting for several hours in order to get some good places. In the end, that didn’t matter much, as we joined several moshpits anyway.

All Time Low had two support acts – Hey Charlie and Creeper. Whilst the former was kinda okay, I really enjoyed the later. But of course, ATL was what I had been waiting for and what I enjoyed the most. During their performance I felt so hyped, so amazinng and happy. For one song, Alex asked the crowd to take their friends on their shoulders – so Alli got mue up – thank you again!

For now, I’d rather let some pictures speak for me – so here you go!

The show ended and -as usual – stuff was thrown into the crowd. Drumsticks, Pleks and roses – they were given to them by some girls who had a meet and greet. And holy shit – I cought one of these flowers! So, so happy.  And Alli got a Plektrum :). After the gig, we all got to the trains to go home – and ditched the plan for getting another Starbucks coffe(despite us being total addicts). Tired but happy, we arrived back to our homes and now we all need some good live music again – and that asap!  (good thing I already have booked a flight and tickets for Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria in London…………..)


x Jasmin




























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