Nova Rock

Woah, my first ever festival! The Nova Rock Festival is – as the name suggests – a rock festival and oh my god, I really rocked out (with my socks out. Sorry for that reference haha, had my socks on most of the time).

The three of us were sober all the time and we had the most amazing time one could imagine! Seeing 14 bands in 4 days, what more could you wish for? (expecct maybe for the bands u missed due to scheduling…. or the weather)

All in all I saw some of my fave bands; Green Day, Blink, PTV, SWS…. even got to an autograph spot with PTV and hugged Vic and omg it was amazing!

Most of my pics are blurry sadly, or without much to see…. so I gotta retouch them and will upload some on my instagram somewhen!


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