All The Bright Places – Review

Don’t read after these lines if you want to avoid spoilers. I wrote these lines whilst reading, so these are my reactions before thinking about it for too long.
I took a very unusual approach at reviewing this book – about every 66 Pages. Why 66? Because after the first 66 pages I had the feeling that I should write down what I thought so far and then decided to stick with it.
First impression (after 66 pages)
Violet and Finch – two characters who seem so different in the beginning but who have more in common than they would like to admit. Violet, an aspiring writer, who has lost her elder sister a year ago and Finch who is an outcast, who gets called Freak.
The cheerleader and the outsider – and they have to do a project for class together. No matter in what direction this story will go, so far, I like it quite a lot.
(after 133 pages)
Finch seems a bit morbid at times, yet lively. At least as long as we see him through Violets eyes. But really, he is probably lost, running away from life and what it brings upon him.
Violet on the other hand gives her best to let others see how devasted she is. “I’m not ready” is what she tells others. She feels guilty about her sister’s death. Doesn’t want to go on living, doesn’t think she deserves to be okay again.
(after 195 pages)
Both Finch and Violet develop, but in different ways. Finch keeps creating new versions of himself, whilst Violet tries to create a new version of what she had with her sister; is replaced by; both pages are existing and filled with articles. Violet inspires me – she makes me want to write more myself, to evolve my own blog.
Finch makes me feel understood at times. He can’t cope with the people around him, is too different. He tries to be himself, despite not knowing who exactly that is. He tries to find a way which he can follow and at the same time a way to impress “Ultraviolet”
After 265 pages
Finch and Violet are going on wandering, only stopping when they oversee time and come home in the early morning. Violets parents get mad at Finch, for lying to them, and disappointed in Violet for not telling them and for worrying them.

Whilst they can see each other only during school, Finch loses himself more and more, and maybe starts being “asleep” again, even though I do not yet know what he means by that.

Violet tries harder and harder to live and to make up for her parents losing Eleanor. She is starting to plan her new page more and more and invites others to join – she clearly is getting better
After 333 pages

Finch disappears more and more, hidden inside his closet (literally).
As if he can’t exist outside. Broken and crumbling – in pieces. Loosing track of himself

Violet glows and is full of life, learning to keep going.

Finch disappears. In his thoughts at first. Then, completely.
In the end
Finch will not return. Not ever. But neither will he be gone. He left offerings, memories, people behind. Violet came to terms with that loss, or is starting to do so. She loved Finch, and still does.


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