Mini-Mittwoch ~ Mini-Wednesday

Hello there,

A friend of mine, Alli from allisbuechergefluester, is part of a group of girls who started a poject called “Mini-Mittwoch”, what translates roughly to “Mini-Wednesday”. On her initial post, she describes that idea. Also, the first article is already online.

I will follow the invitation and put my oar in.
Reading – Hobby No. 1?

I love reading. Both “real” books and ebooks, yet I prefere the first named option. Books are what kept me going for a long time, and their stories still do sometimes. However, finals are coming and I have to learn for my finals (sadly no O.W.L.S)…

But that is just a lazy excuse. I haven’t really read in ages. A few pages at a time, but thats it. And even then, always disturbed by something. Pure reading gets rare.

Nevertheless, reading is and always will be a huge factor in my life.

X  Jasmin


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