I wash myself with WHAT?

Hey there,
I might sound like a hippie now, but use “dirt” for washing myself. Of course it isn’t really dirt, but rather medical clay. I have done this for about 4 showers and plenty face masks by now and so far I’m quite satisfied with the result. My hair has way more volume and seems thiker, my skin is somewhat smoother.

As I still have nearly two bottles of amazing traclemoon shower lotions left over, I will of course use them up after my experimental time.

Two bottles of traclemoon shower creme
Traclemoon shower creme

Medical clay, I use Rhassoul Clay (said like Ghassoul), is free of chemicals and therefore perfect for sensitive skin and people who want to cut these materials out if their life. Many of the indredigents of comercial body wash products are harmful for the good bacteria on us and destroy natures protecting shield.

Edit after some weeks:

Currently using vegan shampoo, but every now and then I return to that treatment!


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