Battle of the Bastards- Game of Thrones

Hey there, Andals, Northerners, Iron Men, Free Volk and Men of the Nightswatch (and whoever else I forgot)


That episode was intense…

Just to warn you, there gonna be spoilers.

You have been warned.




So at first I want to talk about Rickon. That was cruel. I guessed Ramsay would set his dogs on him…

Next Sansa’s badass. She has a scret plan and saves qiute everyone.  Same with Dany and her Dtagons.

Asha forming a deal with her….


And the End when Jon defeates Ramsay…



GoT has many bloody scenes. But when Sansa let the dogs on Ramsay was so far the onlies time I got a ungood feeling in my stomac.





I know this review sucks but hey, I wanted to write sth about it. The one of the final will be better. Promise.




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