30 Day Writing Challange – Day 10

Hello and roooaaaar everyone!

Fav Disney movie’s on today. As you might already have guessed thats The Lion King. I love all three oartsy but the first is simply the best. I watched it surely over 50 Times – yearly. I haven’t gor a while though…. I need to, thats for sure.

I always could easily understand Simba, as ge is kind if an outcast. He’s lonly and got chased away from his pack, so he has no one. I always had (and still have) my great fam, but still… with other people, expect really few, I am a reject. I have quite no offline friends (sorry uf sbd reads that and feels offended. You count to the few I have, I hope).

And in the end Simba returns as grown up and rids the pack of Scar. He can finally be there and is accepted.
Well he was before but anyway.

So I guess Rudolph would fit but idk if it’s a Disney movie… I guess not

X Jasmin


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