30 Day Writing Challange – Day 6

Hello 🙂

Today you will get 15 random facts ’bout me

  1. I like to dye my hair
  2. I keep a diary
  3. I am a book nerd
  4. I need music
  5. I love my pet dog Flori
  6. Cooking is cool
  7. I still attend school
  8. I loooove London
  9. I try and fail to learn the guitar
  10. It’s december and there is no snow at all (not even a Jon Snow)
  11. As you might know I love Game of Thrones
  12. I never got my god damn Hogwarts letter and no Jedi Master took me as his Padawan
  13. I never smoked so far
  14. I want to travel the world
  15. I have no idea for point 15

x Jasmin


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