30 Days Writing Challange – Day 3

Todays Task: Favourite Book


Heya ^^

Todays task fot the 30 Days Writing Challange is writing ’bout my fav book and why it is my fav book. Thats a difficult task!

First of all, I can’t name one fav book. Rather two series. Ath the momet these are George R. R. Martins A Song of Ice and Fire (the Game of Thrones-boooks) and Cassandra Clares Shadowhunters.

But as I am reading A Feast for Crows these days, I’ll go and write about GoT.  ~Spoiler-Free~

I love books that are set A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. (Star Wars Reference, as I am a little Nerd)                                                                                     …. well yeah. I Love books that play in the past. Also Fantasy-Books. So GRRM’s series is ideal for me. I love his writing style and howeach charakter is different. Brave Arya, mad Joffrey…. I won’t spoil any info here.

Martin is one of the few authors who has no problem with killing a main charakter in the middle of a page, just as live itself hasn’t.

Another point is that the storyline is quite complexe and that Martin still keeps it logical, what is quite difficult when writing from so many POVs.


So that is a short, formless review on that amazing series.

x Jasmin








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