30 Days Writing Challange – Day 2

It’s music time!

Todays task is setting my music on shuffle and tell you what songs ar th first 10 to come and what I think when I hear them.

Add your 10 first songs in the commentd, and writ an opinnion to at least one, would bee cool!

  1. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger:                                                                              Amazing song, totally motivationg. Love it!
  2. The Vamps – covering She looks so Perfect (by 5SOS)                       Well… I love the original song, it’s a real good mood/happy song. But that cover… nah.
  3.  Jake Bugg – Simple as This                                                                            Uhh a TFIOS song. Tears want to come. I like the song, but it’s by way no fav.
  4. Lorde – Team                                                                                               Whoever sent me that song. NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN. Sorry if you are a fan, but I can’t stand her voic and lyrics. Sorry.
  5. Justin Timberlake – Mirrors                                                                                  Again… where does that song come from? It’s nice but not really my music taste.
  6. Nirvana – Plateau                                                                                                   I’ve got some Nirvana songs on my phone but I am currently not in a grunge music mood. The song itself is interresting. Really.
  7. Flo Rida – I Cry                                                                                                      Okay. One of the songs my sis sent my. And by, deleted.
  8. 5SOS – Over and Over                                                                                            Thats so Fetus! I like the song so much. To bad there is no studio version…
  9. Pentatonix – covering Somebody that I used to know                                  Thats a cool cover! I like how they do all the instruments with their voices.
  10. One Direction – What makes you beautiful                                                      These feelings…. 1D still so new and still 5, Harry with short curly hair… I am glad that song came now. Because that was the first real fav song I’ve ever had. The 1D boys made me listen to music.

So thats it. Hope u liked it!


x Jasmin


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