The Last Jedi

Well, what a night! I just caame bacck home from the premiere of the newest Star Wars movie, for which I was attending the midnight premiere in my town. As you see in the heading image, there were some people there for taking pictures – of course I grabbed that chance – and so did… Read More The Last Jedi

Quick update

Wow, already my 4th week…. Time goes by so fast! And much has happened in these days… I hiked up a river, visited a beach party and went scuba diving for the first time in my life! Later today I will put somepics in that post and upgrade it 

Nova Rock

Woah, my first ever festival! The Nova Rock Festival is – as the name suggests – a rock festival and oh my god, I really rocked out (with my socks out. Sorry for that reference haha, had my socks on most of the time). The three of us were sober all the time and we… Read More Nova Rock

Can on care too much?

Can someone care so much, that they just stop caring at all at some point? Is there a use in pretending, in acting okay when you are not? I created that blog to post about beautifull things, hence the name. But I feel more and more, that there is way more to write about.


Last night, something terrible happened, I am sure you all know what I am typing about right now. About the attack on the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, an event that brought together young people to have a chance to see their Idol. Music always was somethig to bring people together, giving them strenght and… Read More Manchester